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Today I took my second English class for the first batch of my colleagues in LNM. And I am enjoying it and happy to share my knowledge with people.

It all started last week when I received an email fromone of my colleague and the language used was not English that we know. I thought I need to help her out and so this idea came to teach English to my colleagues. Sangeet was also an inspiration to me on this as she said she is also doing it in her office. So I got Rohini to put a notice in the office that theres an English class going to start for interested people and if anyone interested please register. I decided to start with a batch of seven people for seven weeks with three classes every week. I didnt want to make this just an English class but also talk of values and ethics and make this batch a role model for others to learn and follow.
It was decided that there will be a Rs 10.00 fee for each class, which means each student pays Rs 210.00 for the duration of the course. But if they are absent from a class they have double penalties and also if some one does not do there home work the fine is Rs 50.00. Rohini has been given the responsibility to collect the fees. I will match with an equivalent contribition from my side to make it a decent pool. After the course is complete we will go to the old age home here and spend this money in entertaining them for an evening like taking them out for a movie or dinner etc. The other thing we are trying to do is take one pledge in each class for the betterment of ourselves in particluar and the society in general. So at the end of 21 classes we will have 21 small little pledges of things we do in our day to day life which will help us to be better human and citizen. In the first two classes we have taken a pledge to read a Sloka from Gita every night with some one from the family alongside. Or it can be a prayer before you sleep. The second pledge we took is to brush our teeth every night before going to bed as usually people do it just in the morning. I am really thankful to my team who have shown keen interest in doing all this and helping me share what I am better in wrt them and vice versa I am also learning lot of things from them in which they are expert in.

July 3, 2008

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