One wish & one resolution for 2011

2010 was the fastest year of my life. Very eventful. Most importantly I took up photography this year. Photographing in the wild gets a person closest to God. The best way and place for meditation. The last few hours of 2010 are perfect moment to say Thanks to HIM for everything in life.

A new year usually starts with resolutions- mostly to be broken during the year ahead. My life has not been a planned one. I firmly believe in destiny and it has moved on where ever it was destined to. The hard work that has been put in the various activities is also because destiny made it happen. Even though we are not sure we will wake up alive next morning but we do plan for generations ahead. That’s human psychology. We feel we are in command. Life is not going to give us surprises. We believe that the future will be nothing but past repeated again and again. So we plan. With this in mind I also made a plan. In 2011 I plan to take the first step to move out of the big city in the next 5 years. Its getting more and more impossible to cope up with the fast life of a city. A simple 8 km drive to work on the highway takes me 45 minutes. The pollution, cost, hassles, loneliness does not earn me enough. Its high time I start to Live. So I plan to take the first step to prepare for moving out of this maddening city. Have had enough of it. Extracted whatever I could and given my best.

The One hope and prey I have to make this country more civic is to have strict implementation of laws governing driving licenses. Its so unfortunate that driving license can be bought in this country for few hundred Rupees. Most of the people driving on the roads have got it without knowing any rules and sense of the driving. Nobody goes to school to learn driving. There is absolutely no awareness. Most of the guys on the wheels don’t understand road signs. Driving in lane is foolishness. I had a funny experience driving with some one in Jaipur when the driver took his seat belt out as soon as we got out of the city on the highway. I asked him to buckle up but he replied back that theres no cop to give him a ticket on the highway. The law is within the city. I just could do nothing more than feel sorry for him and the system. The licensing authorities are bigger criminals than murderers. For some petty gains they have let loose hundreds of thousands of untrained drivers on the road. Hundreds die everyday in road accidents in this country. A murder in a posh colony in a city gets immediate headlines in the newspapers but who is bothered by the road accidents. I hope and prey that a general awareness in 2011 forces the cops and RTO’s to be very stringent on the process of issuing licenses. A better traffic will save many times more than the cost of implementation.

December 31, 2010

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