Myths about Workouts

Myth 1. Crunches are necessary for 6 pack abs – We all have abs but it is surrounded by all the fat we have accumulated. Its when you exercise the whole body and diet properly than those muscles become visible.
Myth 2. Tons of Cardio is necessary to get lean – Average person trying to get lean can do that with a good weight training and proper diet. You need that extra run on treadmill when last few kgs of stubborn fat is left. Stress more on strength training.
Myth3 – My mom keeps feeding me with sweets. Justifying “itna sa kha lega to kya hoga” In India social lives revolve around food and drinks. Any celebration is with ladoos barfi or cakes. And ya alcohol is must to say Cheers. Seriously learn to Say No Thanks or max have a bit of it once a while. Yo can’t have cake and results both.
Myth 4 – Squats are bad for your knees – Those fearful of injury keep away from Squats which is the most productive weight training exercise ever devised. It works on a magnitude of muscles synergeically including the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluten as well as core and upper body. Our continuos sitting jobs have made us prone to the knee pain. Do squats in right form and deep. It may take some time but you will regain your squat. Dont let your knees go beyond your toes. Spread your legs more if its happening. Practising Goblet Squat will get you in the right position to deeper and correct squat
Myth 5 Machines are safer than free weight – As long as you check your ego at the door when it comes to weight selection and use proper form, machines, cables, free weights, and bodyweight exercises are all the same as far as safety goes. Each provide their own unique way of targeting a muscle group. Use them all for what they’re best at.
Myth 6 Supplements are only useful for muscle building – Supplementation assist with recovery and performance. A protein shake is helpful to meet your daily protein target, but it’s more helpful in its ability to fuel your recovery between workouts. A pre workout will give you energy for that extra set you are missing out. Choosing to commit to a lifetime with such an intense, challenging hour in it every day isn’t easy. Your body needs those supplements. Make sure you have protein shake twice a day even if you are not lifting weights.

May 1, 2016

2 Replies to “Myths about Workouts”

  1. Sir , which protein shake is safer to take here in india………..please suggest … about ‘as it is raw whey protein’…or any other geniune protein which u know…?

    1. Take protein or any supplement if u r deficit. And always buy from a good source. I import and at times purchase from HealthKart. I take On Gold Standard Whey

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