My first MRI

I had a MRI done for my spines today. MRI means magnetic resonance imaging. I googled to find out more on MRI and interestingly found that it was earlier called NMRI , N standing for Nuclear but as the word Nuclear sounded negative so it was removed. As the name says MRI is done by creating a powerful magnetic field as powerful as 20000 times stronger than Earths magnetic field. That’s why no metal is allowed inside the MRI room and there are numerous incidences of people getting killed because of this negligence. There is one story of the oxygen cylinder flying into the MRI machine because of the magnetic field and killing a 6 year old boy. Why was I having an MRI done?

I have not been feeling comfortable for last few weeks. I feel weak and also numbness and tingling on my left leg below the knee and left hand specially the little finger. I had consulted couple of doctors and they advised I get an MRI , X ray and some blood test before the treatment could start. So I went to the Fortis hospital for my MRI. The technician there asked me to remove metal and other things before setting me up inside the machine. It was a typical no ventilation room and I was asked to lie down on the machine. They put a blanket on me and I was asked not to move as that will disturb the imaging process. The technician also told me that there will be some clanging noise and put a head phone on my ears. As they started the machine and I was going in I felt suffocated and had to signal him to take me out and so I sat down and refused to get the MRI done. I was again convinced that this is a simple process and they started it again but I felt I will die out of suffocation. Ultimately I opened my shirt and took a deep breath and put myself in, It seems I am claustrophobic – inherited from Dad. Any way as the MRI started and the primary and gradient magnets started making all sort of noises, I lay there with my eyes closed. The sound from the machine was like a remix DJ music . Initially I felt the beats of Chaiya Chaiya and could visualize Shahrukh and Malaika dancing on the train. Then there were war like sounds and machine guns firing. I tried to visualize Sunny Deol and Sunil Shetty firing from the movie – Border. Suddenly the music changed to Sylvester Stallon walking in the ring to the beats of Eyes of a Tiger, The end was a slow down tribal beat reminding me of Chow dance from my home town tribes of Purulia. Some how this 15 minute long film show ended and like the critical acclaim for a bad movie I give it no stars. I can imagine the pain Dad went or others go through during radiation.

Monday we go to see Rashtrapati Bhawan – The Presidents house. A few days back I sent an email to Her Excellency The President of India requesting a permission to allow us to visit the Presidents house. And to my pleasant shock I got a call from the Presidents secretariat today that our permission has been granted and we are to report to gate no 37. Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras inside for us to cherish this memory. I had the good fortune of going into the White House also in March 2001, the year they closed visitors after September 11th. Bye for now as Minoo is ready with some new dishes for dinner tonite.

July 26, 2008

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