My Experience With Continuous Glucose Monitor & My Experience With It

I have been using a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor for almost 4 months (in India). As the name suggests, it measures Glucose continuously. I am using the one sold by Ultrahuman, an advanced metabolic fitness platform. Ultrahuman’s service consists of an arm-mounted sensing hardware (a disc-shaped sensor) — which is replaced every two weeks. You can swim, shower and workout having this sensor on. It is also accompanied with an app to visualize your blood glucose data, and delivering intelligent alerts and actionable nudges. You pair each new sensor with the app to continue tracking. It very slightly pierces your skin and is invasive, but not to worry, it hardly feels like an ant bite. It is a sensor that can be applied by the user itself and is very simple to put on. It comes with its own DIY applicator. The sensor is FDA approved and is made by another company (Abbott). The sensor pairs with Ultrahuman’s app via an NFC scan. For this sensor, you would require an NFC compatible phone. 
A CGM is not actually measuring the glucose levels in the blood, it’s measuring the glucose levels in the interstitial fluid. It’s able to impute what is the glucose level in the blood without actually having to sample the blood. Your CGM connects to your phone and at every scan, it provides a reading of your glucose levels. These levels are represented in a glucose graph on the app, providing you a live understanding of how your body’s blood glucose looks like at every scan. Ultrahuman’s platform provides important insights on metrics such as average glucose, glucose variability and time in target range. Specifically, time in target range refers to staying within the recommended glucose range of 70-110 mg/dL. As per the researches, this is considered ideal.
In last 24 hours I’ve averaged about 90 milligrams per deciliter. My Glucose variability was 6 milligrams per deciliter.

March 13, 2022

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