Mr Bachchan, you sprained my neck

I dont remember seing dreams in my sleep. Even if I did see, never remembered them next morning. But recently I have been seing quiet a few of them and surprisingly most of them are coming true. Few days back I saw myself enjoying a sip with a friend at the Bondi beach, Australia and unbelievably in few hours had a mail form my customer that he wanted to have a meeting on a new project and invited me to Australia. Many such stories have been happening

Last night I saw myself traveling with Mr Big B in his van. Suddenly we see my Mom & Bhua eating bhelpuri in sector 15 market at Faridabad. Mr Bachchan stops his van to meet them and as we walk towards them a huge crowd starts following. In panic I push Mr Bachchcan back inside the van and jump into the running van and fall down spraining my neck. As I wake up actually find a sprained painful neck.

Mr Bachchcan you need to make the first part of the dream also true. I have already suffered the second one.

July 18, 2012

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