Money Matters

Making changes in how you spend, save, earn, and give takes time and discipline. Some small actions you can do to manage your money better.
1) Invest some money this week. Maybe in stock market. Choose a good stock for long term.
2) Check your last few credit card statements. You will be surprised how some of the things you spent money on, were impulsive and you actually didn’t need the things or services.
3) Check things at home that you don’t use and can be sold off. There are many market places where you can sell them and you will be surprised how quickly you can convert your clutter into cash.
4) Cancel one subscription. We all have now so many subscriptions from Netflix to Prime to Hotsar and more. You may put on hold some of these. I paused my Tata Sky service in guest room TV as no guests were expected and just top up whenever needed. Still have a landline phone that you rarely use. Surrender that. An app you subscribed but don’t use any more.
5) Avoid eating outside this week. We don’t realise but we spend lot of money on unhealthy packaged food. Make it a rule not to spend on these food items for a week.
6) Don’t spend any money this week. You’ve probably got enough food in your fridge and pantry to last that long. If it sounds difficult try for two days.
Incremental small changes eventually amount to big changes.

November 21, 2021

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