Money Matters

“F’‘words that you need in your life
by Priti Rathi Gupta
Financial Fitness, Financial Fulfilment and Future Wealth Creation. If you get these three sorted, in the mentioned order, “Money” could be a source of contentment rather than a source of stress.
Financial fitness affects our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Financial Fitness does not equal being rich. It’s all about having enough money to meet your needs, some of your wants and keep you worry-free when it comes to your future financial health.
Building financial fitness is akin to building physical fitness. Let me share some of the similarities:

  1. This is your Personal journey- “One size fits all” does not apply here, just like exercise or nutrition, one has to customize it to one’s requirements and circumstances.
  2. Start with a plan, which is realistic, holistic and doable (SMART GOALS)- Follow a method or it can all just boil down to madness. A fitness plan takes into account your body metrics whereas a financial fitness plan is based on your money metrics like goals, earnings, liabilities, responsibilities and so on.
  3. Mindset of Discipline- Achieving your Financial fitness levels requires the same amount of discipline as physical fitness. Exercising the “discipline muscle” can reap benefits on many fronts.
  4. There are no shortcuts- The phrase “If it’s too good to be true, it normally isn’t” applies here as well. Just like weight loss pills can harm your body, get rich quick schemes can dent your finances.
  5. Balance between your today and tomorrow- A good plan is sustainable. If you are giving up your today, seeking a better tomorrow, chances are you will be financially and mentally ‘Hangry’. So focus on the present while keeping your future in mind.
  6. Create a safety net in the form of an emergency fund, health insurance, term/life insurance that allows you to sleep well without stressing out.

Finding Financial Fulfilment is a significant aspect of a happy life. Enough money to do what makes us happy. While you travel to your destination, stop and enjoy the many moments of happiness that are waiting for you. Let money not take you away from the simple pleasures of life. Reflect on some of our best memories, and you will find that most of them are ones that barely cost any money. You might often hear “When I have money, I will do this” or “The day I have x amount of money, I will do so and so”. While you build your bank balance and net worth to buy the house/car of your dreams, the joy of lighting up your current abode or going for a drive on your bike is in the present moment.
On that note, a quick question?
What makes more sense…
You are at the verge of starting your journey with your life partner, and all you need is a home now. Liquidity is an issue but you have this great piece of land away from the city.
1.Wait to sell a piece of land, because you think in a few years from now it will grow exponentially in value. The home and life partner can be put on hold.
2. Sell the land, put some amount as down payment and get a Home loan. (The EMI comes with tax benefits ofcourse) and put the rest into investments that can give you an average 14-15% annualized return in the coming years. And not waste a moment without your sweetheart!!
P.S. Don’t lose precious moments or people, because you are waiting for the perfect “money moment”!
Future Wealth creation, is what I will write in the next article.
Priti Rathi Gupta can be best described as a financial feminist.
Founder of LXME, India’s 1st Financial Platform for Women and MD & Promoter AnandRathi Group, she launched LXME with an aim to bridge the gap between women and finance. LXME powers women across life stages to invest in a customised, easy and hassle-free product and take charge of their money. Beyond a financial planning platform, LXME also drives financial awareness and offers a robust community for women centred around money conversations.
Twitter @pritirathigupta

November 28, 2021

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