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Gum Disorders During Pregnancy- Prevention and Care
by Dr. Uday Singnapurkar
The period of pregnancy is a beautiful journey in a woman’s life – a journey full of emotional, mental and physiological changes. Taking care of the body is of utmost importance during this period, which most women do but keeping the oral cavity- teeth and gums healthy is an oft neglected part. Hormonal changes can have a damaging effect on oral health.
During pregnancy, the levels of the hormones progesterone are high, which makes the teeth more susceptible to developing plaque which can result in gum disorders.
The two most common gum disorders in pregnancy are:
I.Pregnancy Gingivitis
II. Pregnancy Tumors
Pregnancy gingivitis most commonly develops between the 2nd and 8th months of pregnancy. The symptoms may become severe in the 7th and 8th months. It is characterized by painful, spongy swollen gums which bleed easily on brushing or flossing or even on slightest touch if the gingivitis is severe. The gums may also recede and the patient may also experience bad breath.
1.Maintain extremely good oral hygiene – Floss and brush twice a day.
2. A healthy and balanced diet is important. Which should include more fibrous food.
3.Warm salt water gargles are an important aid in controlling inflammation.
4.Use a good fluoride toothpaste to prevent caries and a soft brush to prevent soft tissue injury.
5.Visit your dentist regularly.
Pregnancy Tumor, like Pregnancy Gingivitis is also a result of increased estrogen and progesterone hormones. They appear as small, firm red coloured swellings on the gums.
The preventive care for pregnancy tumor is same as for gingivitis. The tumor or swelling may need to be surgically removed after the mother has delivered the baby.
Post- Partum care of the oral cavity is equally important.
Dr. Uday Singnapurkar completed his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from SPDC, Sawangi ,Wardha in 2000 and has done multiple courses on cosmetic dentistry. He runs two Dental and Oral Health care centres in Nagpur. You can find him on Twitter @MindExcavator

December 12, 2021

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