Manifestos – God bless this country

Manifestos visit us once in five years as do our politicians. I dont remember past manifestos neither does the political parties which announced them. But this time the manifestos are real stupidity and more stupidity. So we have one national party announcing rice at Rs 3.00 per kg and the opposition coming up with Rs.2.00 per kg. Unfortunately they dont have schemes to give employment and better economy so that the people can afford to buy at what ever is the market price. There is another party which promises free television and cable connection. As these are IT times so one party has promised to give computers to all at 10000 Rs with free Internet connection thrown in. The Left front in their manifesto does not speak of industrialization as its a capitalist agenda.Last time around Behenji didnt use manifesto as she didnt believe in theory but she wanted to show action in practise..Hope she could teach people the ways of her rising wealth.

But the most stupid manifesto has been released today by SP. No English classes as its against our culture. No computers as it takes away employment. I thought the maximum employment created in this country in the last decade was in the IT sector. No harvesters as it takes away job of workers in farms. No machines but all work needs to be done by hand. Machines brings unemployment. No share trading and ” Shopping Mall” culture. Sounds some what like we are talking of Swat valley. I hope the voters see through the tall promises and nonsense talks otherwise only God can save this country.

April 11, 2009

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