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Some time in 1993 Papa informed me about a new Chartered accountant who will take care of our books of accounts and asked me to meet him when I visited Faridabad next time. I went to his office in Sector – 7 , a small one. I was impressed meeting him. Madhu Ladha came from a very small village near Jaipur in Rajasthan. Many years later I went to see his village Bhesalana and its real praise worthy to see some one coming out from that village and reaching where he is today. We developed a immediate rapport amongst each other. Madhu used to live bang opposite our small apartment at 2060/7D along with his wife Neelu. Minoo joined me in 1995 at Faridabad and Madhu and Neelu became almost our local gaurdian as my parents used to live in Purulia at that time. Sometime in 1995, if I remember right 13th Nov, they were blessed with their first son Naman. Neelu was seriously ill at that time and i still recollect driving to South ex in Delhi to bring blood from a blood bank driving 35 odd kms in 20 minutes. 28th June 1996 – It was Madhu & Neelus marriage anniversary and we had gone to celebrate the same. Minoo was three months pregnant at that time and at night she started bleeding. I didnt know any doctor in faridabad at that time and was so confused what to do at 2 AM at night. Madhu was my only acquaintance and I called him and we rushed Minoo to the hospital. Since then Madhu has been my 24hr helpline on anything and everything. He has been by my side at all times whether happy whether sad. When mom was detected with cancer and I was travelling in USA ,the first person Dad called up was Madhu. Same when Dad got detected for Cancer the first one I called for support was Madhu. Madhu has become more of a part of our family. I am lucky to have a friend like him and I am proud of him.

Madhu came to do his Chartered Accountancy in Faridabad from his village with few bare essentials. In the last 15 years he has established himself amongst the most prominent CA’s in Faridabad. He was elected as the President of Faridabad Chapter of Chartered Accountants last year. He is part of all major social and charitable organizations in the town. I am always amazed at the way he can manage his time and be part of all this. His energy levels are superb. I am continuously learning from him and thank God to have him as my friend.

August 3, 2008

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