Losing those fats – specially for Women.

Every day at they gym I see so many women who will come and get on the treadmill or Elliptical for an hour and go. They believe that Cardio is the way to lose the unwanted Fat. A weeks absence from the gym and back to adding back those kilos which they might have lost doing these cardio exercises. For some reason whenever women decide to lose fat cardio is the way forwards and weight training is not preferred.

It seems we have this wrong believe that weight training is for adding muscles and not losing fat. The fact is Muscles help lose Fat. Fat in your body does not increase your resting Metabolic rate where as muscles require energy to maintain itself. Each Kg of muscle in your body needs 60-100 calories per day to survive which eventually means that you are burning calories 24 X7 more when you have more muscles. So the fat loss will be faster.

On an average a women doing strength training with a good nutritious diet will add 3-4 kgs of muscle every year. And with each Kg muscle burning at an average 75 calories per day extra you will end up burning 82000 calories more in a year approx. Theoretically you need to burn 7500 calories extra to lose 1 kg weight. So in a year you may end up losing 10 Kgs weight by doing strength exercise instead of cardio.

Most of the women feel that they will bulk up if they lift weights which is not true. They do not have enough testosterone to get the physique of a body builder. And muscles are much more dense than fat. So 1 kg of fat is much more than 1 kg of muscle in volume. One hour of cardio is great to burn fat in that one hour where as after strength training will keep your metabolism at an elevated level through out the day burning more calories and eventually fat. So go and lift your max next time in the gym.

May 1, 2016

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