Living for yourself

I was remembering Babuji (my Grand Father) today – his thoughts and lessons to me in life and had written two big paras on those but I don’t know how those got deleted and just couldn’t get them back and neither those emotions to write again at this time. I thought let me continue on myself at this time. I was trying to recollect when was the last time I was doing something for myself. When was the last time I pampered myself? This bought me back to the last blog I had written ” Its rather difficult to indulge in something purely for myself because living in this society I seem to be wired with guilt”. Its difficult to go to a late night show because the kids need us back home. It seems that anything that gives us pleasure is complete no – no because some of the other responsibilities have to be fulfilled. With growing consumerism every one wants everything and that too fast. This leaves no time for oneself. Life has become materialistic and mean. The first question that comes , ‘What am I going to get out of this?’

In the last one month I have realised I need to spend some quality time for myself. Doing something that gives me creative satisfaction and pleasure. I have started Living for myself. I do things at my pace. I do Yoga to care for my health. This one month has made me mentally agile , spiritually evolved and emotionally balanced. Its helping eradicate negative thoughts entering my mind, making me more focused. Its bringing peace and happiness in my life. I strongly recommend everyone should take out some time for oneself , should pick up an activity that gives him/her pleasure. Thank God, though late, I realised this and I am sure I am not going to regret one day realising life has passed without having lived it for myself. I now have couple of hours for myself – whether writing this blog, sleeping after breakfast or reading a book at night. This hour or two gives me happiness more than anything the day can bring. Its the time I own and spend it the way I want.

July 19, 2008

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