Life Lessons

  1. Don’t craft a story out of past events. Writing own success story leads to arrogance. Personal gratification is harmful. It will negatively impact your future. When u r successful everyone is gunning for you. You can’t afford ego when u r at top. This is when stakes are the highest. This is when your ability to listen, to listen to feedback, to learn, to improve, to grow, matter more than ever. When u achieve success, don’t behave as if u planned it that way. Always remember – you were there when it happened.
  2. Know the race you are running. Most of the time we look at others for approval. And make their verdict as our benchmark. Doing that we squander your own potential and purpose. You don’t have to prove yourself to others. Focus on what’s important to you.Don’t waste your precious life running to compete in someone else’s race. It’s about your goals. Most of us waste our time trying to prove ourselves to people we don’t respect and to get things we don’t want or was not our goal. Ur goal is going where u set out to go.It’s about your path and not others who are intersecting it. It’s not about being better than the other guy or having more than others. It’s about what you are. It’s about accomplishing the most that u r capable of. No more or no less. That’s it.
  3. Family First : There is no better support than a family. In all my downs, my biggest support has been from my family. Rest of the world rarely cares. They in fact talk behind your back. Value all near and dear ones. Even if there is difference of opinion and shouting, its always beneficial as its coming from people who really care about you. There is no one who has sacrificed for you than your parents. At some point of life they will need you more than you will need them. ALWAYS BE WITH THEM.
  4. Fitness : Your health is most important not just for yourself but for your family and friends. Take care of it. Specially, when someone reaches around 35 – life takes over. Mortgages, family and other job pressures become predominant.You tend to forget about yourself. I have done that mistake. That’s when you should be most alert and care more about yourself. Always take out some Me time. It is important to retreat and remind yourself – Life can be simple. There are good people in the world.
  5. As you grow up you will realise that even the one person who wasn’t supposed to let you down, probably will. You will have your heart broken and you will break others. You will fight with your best friend and you will cry. Take as many pictures as you can.Laugh too much, forgive freely. Life comes with no guarantees. Rarely a second chance. Live life to the fullest with what ever resources you have. Tell people you want to what they mean to you. Comfort a friend. Hold someone’s hand. Be a flirt and smile until ur face hurts.
  6. Friends are precious : Friendship is either there or not. Its impossible to predict which friend will be with you and who will move on. Friends for life are rare. If you are lucky to have someone just hold on to them. If you get 2-3 of them, you are amongst the lucky few.
  7. It’s far easier to hate. It’s very difficult to love. Always remember hate is a burden. Let go. Hate makes you miserable. It does not get you any closer to where u want to be. Be positive, peaceful and productive.Beware of the disease ME. Value your time, specially in your younger days. Stay humble always. Drop your ego. Always be a student. Never stop learning. Every one you meet is a teacher. Managing yourself is the toughest job u will go through

August 2, 2020

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