Life Lessons I learnt

Tomorrow I will be 53. Its been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. God has been gracious that I have seen more ups than downs. In the last ten years I have become more responsible and less pretentious. These changes have not been overnight. They have been gradual evolution where we are hardly aware that its happening. Our identities slowly shift over passage of time. Its when we sit down and look back over the years gone by that we realise how different life is now. Some of the things I learnt :

  1. Family First : There is no better support than a family. In all my downs, my biggest support has been from my family. Rest of the world rarely care. They in fact talk behind your back. Value all near and dear ones. Even if there is difference of opinion and shouting its always beneficial as its coming from people who really care about you. There is no one who has sacrificed for you than your parents. At some point of life they will need you more than you will need them. ALWAYS BE WITH THEM. 
  2. Value your time : Specially in your younger years. At that time you have very minimum life responsibilities like mortgages, spouse and kids. Make the most of that period. Its OK to fail not once but many times. These failures will set you up for life successes down the line. Keep learning.
  3. You cant win all : You are not expected to achieve all your goals and wishes. Attaining goals should not be primary focus. In initial years of our life we are goal focused. Studies – XIIth, Graduation, Higher studies, job etc etc. Beyond this goals don’t matter. In fact at some point of time you will realise some of your old goals no more matter. The value is in trying and not achieving. 
  4. Most people don’t know what they are doing : Every one is working off their current best. To be honest nobody knows why they are doing whatever they are doing. Parents said -so school, college, marriage, and things take place in initial years. Then the career cycle starts. Everyone is trying to get as close to the top as possible in career. And if you fail somewhere in this journey you are made to feel as if you are screwing up your entire life. To be honest I rarely had any clue as to what I am doing. Eventually I worked myself to doing things what I like. But initial years were all just happening. 
  5. Friends are precious : Friendship is either there or not. Its impossible to predict which friend will be with you and who will move on. Friends for life are rare. If you are lucky to have someone just hold on to them. If you get 2-3 of them, you are amongst the lucky few.
  6. Relative role in a relationship keeps changing : Someone whom you think is of no use to you today , may become your live saver someday. Always maintain relations. Let go of Egos. Life can become very smooth. 
  7. Judge People by what they do and not who they are : We easily get influenced by people with power or money. You will come across many kind and gracious people who have no reason to be kind or gracious to you. Value these people even if they are not a ‘Brand’. I have come across many asshats who had no reason to behave the way they behaved. Let go of these people even if you feel they are important today. 
  8. Practise Moderation :The world today is full of extremes. If you read google you will find there are two strong views of the same thing absolutely opposite. Its better to practice moderation.
  9. Sum of little things is bigger than the Big thing : There is nothing like overnight success. It’s a process. Things happen gradually.
  10. Fitness : Your health is most important not just for yourself but for your family and friends. Take care of it. Specially, when someone reaches around 35 – life takes over. Mortgages, family and other job pressures become predominant. You tend to forget about yourself. I have done that mistake. That’s when you should be most alert and care more about yourself.
  11. ME time : Always take out some Me time. It is important to retreat and remind yourself – Life can be simple. There are good people in the world. Be positive always.

July 22, 2019

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