Life Lessons from a Bungee jump

What we fear most? Obviously death. We are evolutionary designed by nature to avoid situation where we can get hurt. When I stood at the edge of the approx. 200 meter drop, I wanted to drop out. I was facing my life’s greatest fear. And the idea of facing it head on excited and terrified me. When they strapped me on the ankle and perched me on the edge, I was shaking. On top of the jump board it was written – Live more, Fear less. And I plunged. 4 seconds of most intense moments, I had ever experienced. Terror turned into Euphoria. This was one of the most significant moments of my life. I realized it was not as scary as it looked. This was the most eye opening moment for me. Life begins at the end of comfort zone. Whenever now I hear my inner voice apprehensive or fearful of something I wish to do – I take a deep breath and tell to myself – its not as scary as it looks. And I push myself away from my comfort zone a bit more further. We are afraid to leave the safety of our routine to pursue  something greater because of our fear of failure. Ask yourself, ”Will you regret not doing this?” If the answer is yes, go try. We are all looking for fulfilment and the path to the same is outside of our comfort zone. 

June 30, 2019

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