Life is today and not tomorrow

I am at this one of the bigger towns of Finland – Turku. It has a population of just 1.5 lacs. Flew in Finair for the first time and they have nice new aircraft. Had a free evening. So went for some bird watching . Went to the Ruissalo Islands and did a 3 km nature walk in the park. Saw some new species of birds not seen in our part of the country. Didnt carry my camera but binos. Wonderful moment and environment. Picked up a pizza on way to a park. Had my dinner by the stream. Setting sun and rising moon gave the sky one of the best colors I have ever seen. The moon looks quiet bigger here may be because of 7000 kms nearer to our place. Went to meet a friends wife and she had come out of breast cancer surgery. Was trying to motivate her with some gyan when she gave me the gyan of my life – Life is today and not tomorrow. Never to forget words. Leaving for an early meeting and then to a beach house for next three nights. Will go to various islands on the speed boat exploring the fauna and flora of this country. No internet and cellphone just pure nature. Carrying some Utpal Dutt DVD’s, books and my camera for company. Trying to live life today. Next week is going to be tiring, hectic with all travels, meetings and training.

August 21, 2010

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