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Simplicity is not a sacrifice. Living with less is not a project in suffering, but instead a way to discover what is most important. Simplicity doesn’t look the same for everyone. The best version of simplicity is the one that makes you better. Simplicity will change you. While many changes work from the inside out, simplicity has a powerful way of working from the outside in. It provides the opportunity to remove the layers and connect with what is most important. Simplicity will make you more open-minded. Simplicity is not a competition. Being more or less simple than anyone else doesn’t matter. Simplicity demonstrates happiness with less. As Dieter Rams puts it, we need to do Less But Better. Simplify our lives; Focus our efforts; and Execute.
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The information provided in this newsletter is not medical advice, nor it should be taken as a replacement for medical advice. I am not a medical Doctor so I don’t prescribe anything. Most of the tools suggested are based out of scientific research and my experiments with them. Your healthcare, your wellbeing is your responsibility. Anything we suggest here, please filter it through that responsibility. 

June 5, 2022

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