Dear friends,
Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.
2021 was a year of true grit and resilience. For some it was really challenging year.Some people lost a lot. Some people really fought to keep their heads above water. If this is you, trust that a blessing is around the corner. It’s the law and it’s infallible.
For some it was a year of growth, new beginnings, pivots, clarity, simplicity. Maybe life go a little better for you. If this is you, go be a blessing to someone who needs it.
Or maybe somewhere you are in between. You took the punches and you enjoyed the victories. You cried, you laughed, you won, you lost. In the end you are still standing and maybe, even a little stronger.
However you experienced the past year, know in your heart that it set up perfectly for what is to come. May 2022 be your year to enjoy the fruits of your labour. God bless.
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Stay strong, stay fit and stay healthy.
Sandeep Mall

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s that time of year again, when we make New Year’s resolutions. Every New Year presents us with the opportunity to start afresh! It is a great time to commit to a better and more conscious lifestyle. Studies say the top resolution people make on New Year is to exercise and stay fit. In fact, couple of days back I had done a poll on Twitter about the same and for more than half of those making resolutions, ‘health’ tops the list. Participating in a health challenge is a powerful way to build the practice of taking care of your physical well being. Joining a mass fitness drive, like 100 Day Health Challenge, not only impacts your life but also influences your friends, family and also virtual networks.
In case if you are wondering where to begin with your resolutions for fitness, your search ends right here! 100DAY HEALTH CHALLENGE RETURNS!
A feisty and enthusiastic band of fitness and health experts, entrepreneurs and individuals from varied walks of life, made the idea of first ‘100 Day Health Challenge’ into a successful mass fitness drive last year. The enthusiasm of the participants was commendable throughout. At the end of the Challenge, it was rewarding to see remarkable transformations and everyone taking individual responsibility to lead a better fitness regime and reach new benchmarks.
 Participants speak
 Dr. Veenu Maadana participant of the first 100 Day Health Challenge says it transformed her as a person and has revolutionised her lifestyle.  
 Arpit Gupta couldn’t run 5 km at a stretch, now he runs 10 km every day. 100Day Health Challenge changed his fitness quotient remarkably.
 Bhumika Shah has added variety to her fitness regime post 100Day Health Challenge. In addition to her earlier routine of cycling, running and walking, she has gone more eclectic by dabbling into Zumba, aerobics and yoga!
 Read all about the first 100Day Health Challenge here.
 With time, the idea has generated more momentum! With a sturdy rise in interest from fitness ninjas, the community is growing very fast. The virtual exercise buddies are a part of a borderless community with one goal, collectively building a healthier nation and upholding their delightful fitness journey to inspire those around them!
 100Day Health Challenge 2.0
 After the first 100Day Health Challenge that took place between April and July last year, the second edition is all set to begin from January 15, 2022!
Are you ready?
Come let’s make fitness fun! With the 100Day Health Challenge all set to return, it is time to admire yourself! Body, mind and soul! 
 In life we often shy away from giving ourselves the due credit! In turn we tend to rely on friends and family to compliment us and to feel good about ourselves. Often to move forward in life, you need to acknowledge and appreciate your achievements in life, both the big and small. Dedication, discipline, commitment, consistency, belief, persistence make you want to move forward. So it is time you compliment yourself amply! And admire yourself. 
 The online registration will open on January 4, 2022 on and will close on January 12 or upon reaching 1000 registrations. All the details pertaining to the Challenge, guidelines, rules and regulations, rewards, etc. will be announced on the website, when the registration begins. It is possibly the only challenge of its kind bringing together 1000 individuals virtually, with two powerful goals – #AdmireYourself and $GettingFitterTogether
 The Challenge will have two primary categories –
·    Under 40
·    40 and above
 The participants can choose from an eclectic mix of activities, including – walk, run, cycle, swim, do strength training, yoga, zumba, aerobics. You can also play a sport like tennis, badminton etc. What is even more interesting is that all participants will be able to clock in their activities through the Strava App. 
 That’s not all friends!
 To make it a fun affair and to fuel up your pulse-meters, trophies, medals, and exciting prizes are in store for you all! More details, coming soon on the website.
Here is peek into what awaits you –
  • Custom designed trophies for Top 3 performers in both categories
  • Custom designed trophies for Top 3 women achievers
  • Medals for Top 50 in each of the two categories
  •  Printed certificates for everyone working out 75 days out of the 100
  • Digital certificates for the others.
 Selections will be based on the data received through Strava app, which will be incorporated with our database. Also, after the exciting and high-voltage 100 days affair, a virtual awards ceremony will be held to award the participants. 
So pull up your socks and buckle up your shoes! Be a part of a thrilling and fun filled event that can revolutionise your life!
 As participants you will be actively sharing your activities and milestones on social media, creating strong buzz throughout the 100 days and beyond.
 Remember! “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” – So challenge yourself to change for better and fitter!
 If you wish to know more about the Challenge, have any suggestions, ideas or want to support in any way, do write to us at
Stay tuned and stay connected with me on Twitter for regular updates. 
 Join the jamboree! Begin 2022 with a unique thrill!
 La dolce vita!
by Chirag Barjatya
Everyone wants a svelte body, washboard abs, thin waist, perfect jawline, hourglass figure and firm booty. But is achieving the desired physique all that easy? The answer is no! Should one get on the bandwagon and strive for a ‘perfect’ body at all costs? Not quite. The truth is fitness is never a ‘one glove fits all,’ phenomenon and works differently for each individual.
 Yes, if someone is obese and wants to get back in shape, he or she must aim towards losing the fat, not the weight. And if someone is not obese per se, he or she can aim for recomposition where we aim to build muscles and losing fat at the same time. Both things can be achieved without starving yourself and by enjoying your favourite food items once in a while.
Fitness is not one glove fits all. So why do most fitness trainers/nutritionists prescribe a template diet plan (low carb- high protein)? What if someone has a kidney issue or has high uric acid and have more proteins that can impact their health? 
 This is the biggest problem we are facing in the fitness industry boom, where many influencers-turned-trainers are now selling templates to their clients without caring about their diet history, their food habits, their medical condition and the stress levels they are under due to their regular job. One template doesn’t and won’t ever work for all. That’s why we have got doctors in our team, whenever a client enrolls with us with a medical condition like uric acid, or lifestyle disorders like PCOS/Ds, we make their diet plan as per the physician’s advice and keep a check regularly.
 Indian food is healthy and can help you to achieve your goals easily. You don’t have to eat oats or rely on salads all the time. Most of our mentees eat poha in breakfast or simple wheat flour paranthas. Because the calories are the same and one should follow a diet which he or she can adhere to for a lifetime. One of the biggest myths is that we have to always eat bland salad-based meals to lose weight, which isn’t true at all. One can enjoy Rajma Rice, Dal Roti, Dal Rice, Poha, Upma, even Pasta and biryani too, while on a weight loss diet.
Chirag Barjatya, founder of ProjectFitCo. started a nutrition coaching service as freelancer in 2018, expanded to TeamChirag later in 2019. He founded ProjectFitCo in 2021. He has coached 1500+ clients alone and 3200+ with team from every part of the world. You can find him on twitter @chiragbarjatyaa
by Dr. Rajat Chauhan
Here are 10 tips for beginner runners to improve performance and meet targets effectively
In the past decade or so, running has emerged as a favourite mode of exercise for many. Some do it for recreation or as an effective cardiovascular exercise but for some others, running is serious business. They live by the marathon calendar and train intensively for each race. No matter where your running aspiration features on this graph, it helps to know how to enjoy the exercise and improve your performance with each run. Here are 10 ways to do it.
1. This is not another rat race. Do not try to rush back to being how active or fit you were at a particular stage in life. You will get there soon and go beyond it, but you first need to understand the current situation.Also, do not compete with anyone else around you. Start slow, make a solid foundation so that you do not get hurt. Your intent should be to carry on doing the best you can and enjoy yourself.
2. Time on feet is more important than distance or speed.You will notice that in the running community, everyone is too obsessed with numbers of all kinds. I suggest you do not worry about distance and speed for the first few months. Simply focus on time on feet. In a couple of months, once your foundation is solid, you can decide to do what you want to do. But till then, simply enjoy the journey. Do it because you want to do it, not for those around you.
3. Start by alternating gentle walking for one to five minutes with brisk walking for one to five minutes.Repeat three to six times. For the first week or two, simply stick to this. Once you are comfortable moving at a brisk pace for five to 10 minutes non-stop, it is a good idea to start jogging a little. Now start alternating one- to five-minute brisk walks with jogs for the same duration. Repeat three to six times,
4. If running is the love of your life, strength training is your father or mother-in-law. You need to start doing whole body strength training to make it more comfortable for you when you run. It will help you run more efficiently and keep you injury free for longer. Strength training could be done at home or at a gym, using body weight or machines.
5. Do not resist, just let go. It might sound very philosophical but this is the most basic tip for running. The more you resist, the more unnatural it becomes and the more mistakes you will make. Start by relaxing your shoulders and jogging in one spot. Hold an imaginary papad, which you are not supposed to break,between your thumb and index finger of both hands. To hold it gently, you will naturally relax your shoulders and the upper body.
6. Whether it is for walking or running, you need to work on your breathing. Do not take it for granted. Soon enough, when you start running, you will get out of breath and start taking very shallow ineffective breaths. Practise breathing when you start walking by taking a long breath in, holding it for a second or two and then breathing out. This will come naturally even when you are running at a fast pace.
7. Listen to your footsteps. The only thing that you should listen to while running is your footsteps. If you can hear them, you are too loud. Be soft on your feet. Skipping or jogging in the same spot for three to five minutes is the only warm-up needed before the run. This will help you land softly when you run, reducing the strain on your knees.
8. Listen to your body. Initially your body will tell you to just stop because it is not going to be comfortable. I suggest for the first three to four weeks follow the advice given above, but if there is pain that persists for a couple of days, seek medical help. In a month, you will know what feels right.
9. No bare-foot running for people who are just picking up running. First learn how to run better and then do what you feel like but for now just pick up a decent pair of running shoes based on your needs. If you are a neutral runner, pick normal cushioned shoes, but if you are an over-pronator, pick stability shoes.
10. Have a sip or two of water every 10-15 minutes, but no more.Best is to have an electrolyte mix instead of plain water. Never run straight after a meal. Leave a gap of at least two hours.After a run, have proteins within 20-30 minutes. 
11. Keep miling and smiling. And all the above are useless tips if you aren’t smiling while you are miling. And yes, this is the eleventh tip even though I said I’ll give you ten. After all, one and one come together, and get you moving.
Dr Rajat Chauhan, a student of running and pain, has been a runner for 37 years and founder race director of La Ultra, an epic 11-555 km race in Ladakh since 2010. He is a Sports-Exercise Medicine and Conservative Pain Management physician for over two decades. He is the author of The Pain Handbook: A Non- Surgical Way to Manage Back, Neck, and Knee Pain. You can find him on Twitter @drrajatchauhan
by Sri M
Just when I was discussing with a mentee, about the challenges in keeping up the New Year’s resolutions, my sister shared a wonderfully written piece by Sri M – The Secret of Implementing a Resolution. I am quoting a few lines from the article:
“It’s time to take a step forward once more, for the New Year is at hand.
One can move from ‘the past’ to ‘the present’ and turn over a new leaf in one’s life. Change completely if required and have a new life altogether!
Resolutions are made every New Year. By the time the day dawns on the New Year, all resolutions are forgotten – no resolutions are implemented. Can we have this New Year differently? Can we resolve that we will discipline ourselves?
So what resolution should we make again for this new year and, the most important part – implement the resolution – not just make.” – Sri M 
Click here to read the complete article by Sri M, on learning the secret of implementing a resolution
During our previous 100 Day Health Challenge, we had an enriching session with Sri M on ‘Yoga – Way to a healthy body and super mind’. Click here to watch the video. 
Sri M, born as Mumtaz Ali, is an influential thought-leader, an eloquent orator, educationist, social reformer and spiritual guide, who largely dedicates his life to humanitarian and peace-making initiatives. A Padma Bhushan awardee, his life and work are fine examples of bringing forth the essence of ancient scriptures into modern-day living. You may connect with Sri M on Instagram @SriM_Official

It Takes What It Takes shows you how to deal with even the most challenging circumstances—and thrive. Moawad reveals how top performers hone their competitive edge by effectively managing both negativity and failure as well as positivity and success: Neutral thinking is the key.
Neutral thinking is a high-performance strategy that emphasizes judgment-free thinking, especially in pressure situations. It acknowledges that the past happened. However, the past isn’t predictive. If you can absorb and embrace that belief, everything can change.
About the author
Trevor Moawad was a renowned Mental Conditioning expert and strategic advisor to some of the world’s most elite performers. In 2017, Trevor was named the “Sports World’s Best Brain Trainer” by Sports Illustrated. From Ft. Bragg to Harvard Business School, from elite Quarterbacks to top level CEOs.
He died at a very young age in 2021 because of cancer.