Introducing Communion

A union of like-minded individuals to connect on mental & spiritual level.
A union to share ideas, thoughts and beliefs for individual growth.
A platform for social learning through experiences.
A place to unlearn and relearn. 
In recent years, my efforts have been significantly focused towards helping people grow, by sharing my experiences, learnings, failures, ideas, and questions, whether through social media, newsletter, Space sessions, public speaking engagements or one to one coaching. All these efforts have helped me grow in many ways and I have realised that each one of us has the potential to help others grow, by sharing experiences, learnings and insights. And if more of us come forward to help others grow, not limiting ourselves by any boundaries and inhibitions, the world can undoubtedly be a better place. 
This has given birth to the idea of Communion – a community of those who believe in the culture of ‘helping each other grow’. The idea is to together build unique and harmonious space which gives each one of us a unique advantage, rising above the limitations and boundaries. 
The idea of COMMUNION is born with the vision to create a platform where like minded people come together to share & seek, ideate & brainstorm, inspire & guide one another and those striving for personal growth. I will gradually unfold different ways you can be connected to COMMUNION and make it a part of your own growth journey. 
To begin with, COMMUNION is hosting its first event, a 3-day residential retreat at Rishikesh, exclusively for my mentees, I have had the pleasure to help over the months. The Retreat aspires to be a game-changer in our respective, ongoing journey of personal growth.
Focused on multi-discipline personal growth, the retreat will have unique formats of interactive sessions with domain experts in entrepreneurship, work-life balance, digital communication, mental health, wellness & nutrition, the art of giving, networking, and more; clubbed with wholesome rejuvenation with yoga, meditation, music, recreation, and more – elements that will make a big difference in the way we live our life.
To know more about the speakers and participants at The Retreat in Rishikesh, visit
Stay tuned on my Instagram and Twitter handles, for more from the Retreat coming weekend. 
The logo of COMMUNION is  designed by my dear friend, Rohit Varma’s team at Narrative Asia, a brand strategy and design firm based in Bangalore.
The logotype uses ‘Acumin Variable’, a type that is heavy and suggests an exclusive group and bringing people together. There is focus on “U” as You are important and it is all about YOU. The ‘u’ in the logo is  manipulated to create the connection between people. Orange is used to suggest energy, creativity and optimism.
Watch this space for regular updates on all the exciting developments under ‘COMMUNION’, a mental & spiritual platform for social learning through experiences and a place to learn, unlearn and relearn.

October 2, 2022

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