Mindfulness & How to Do It

What is mindfulness ?
The ability to be fully present in the moment.

“I am here right now and in the moment, what’s the problem?” you might ask. The problem is that your brain is not. It travels back and forth between the past and future, preoccupied with plans and dreams. Being mindful means concentrating on what’s happening now.
This includes:
  • Your physical sensations: smells and sounds, the shape of the table, everything around you.
  • Your physical presence. How are you breathing? Are you standing? What are you doing and how?
  • Your thoughts and emotions. Recognise that they don’t define you right now and can’t influence you.
In a nutshell, you must free your brain from every worry except for what’s happening right now. When you practice mindfulness. you nurture your curiosity about life in the present.

March 20, 2022

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