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One of the things I do to keep myself motivated is watch inspirational stories. Please enjoy the following story. I had tears in my eyes watching this clipping from Barcelona 92 Olympics. It reminded me of all the people who supported me when I needed them the most. Enjoy and get inspired.
Developing your mental strength and self-discipline is one of the most valuable things you can do. It allows you not just to survive, but thrive during life’s challenges. It allows you to make better choices in stressful situations. And it allows you to do hard things — and doing hard things leads to a good life. A very interesting article I came across this week was 3 Stoic Habits To Develop Self-Discipline & Mental Strength
What Does It Really Take to Build a New Habit?  Habits and routines are not interchangeable. A habit is a behavior done with little or no thought, whereas a routine is a series of behaviors frequently, and intentionally, repeated. To turn a behavior into a habit, it first needs to become a routine. How do you start? 
Here’s a saying I’ve found to be true like nothing else:
“If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”
If you give a task to someone who has all the time in the world, they’ll struggle and procrastinate. But if you give it to someone who is extremely busy, they will make it happen. Highly productive people don’t find time to do the things they want; they make time. If it’s important—for example, getting regular exercise or spending time with their children—they’ll set it in their schedule and make sure it gets done. They know how to organize and manage their time so all their priorities in work and life get accomplished.
What are the essential things that you often postpone? Don’t ‘find’ time—it probably won’t get done that way. If they’re important to you, set it in your calendar and build your schedule around them.

May 1, 2022

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