I know I will be reborn again

This day a year back I was admitted for my disk replacement surgery. An event that changed my complete thought process and priorities in life. It also made me realise things that I will not be able to do any more , things that I always wanted to but never had time to do. Suddenly I found out I have out grown those little little things that I never did and now that I know what I missed I cannot do them any more. Working for more than 80 hrs a week for 15 long years – the only thing that I got for me or my family was all those materialistic things which does not hold any relevance the moment priorities change. God gave me opportunity twice to understand this when my parents were detected with cancer in 2001 and 2006 but its rightly said,” You yourself have to die to go to heaven”. I realised this with my surgery and thought of sharing this with all. I know I will be reborn as I missed out on some of the major things and I can not do them any more. Listing them:

1. Enjoying my children grow – When Sameep and Divyansh were growing up, I never had time for them. Now that they are teenagers I just am left to cry at myself on those missed out happy moments which a father is privileged to enjoy seeing his child grow.

2. Lessons from my Grandfather – My Grandfather was my spiritual Guru. Whenever I am at crossroads I always find an answer to all my grandfather taught me. Unfortunately he is no more and I could never have enough of his views and thoughts.

3. Tennis – My Tennis abruptly came to a halt because of the surgery and as it looks like i will never be able to play again.

4. Adventure Sports – Despite my love for adventures I never did Bungee jumping and now after the surgery can never do it.

5. Beat Debjani to top my class – I was never able to come first beating Debjani in my junior school despite all my efforts.

I have dreams that I have to fulfill before it becomes late and remain dreams. I give myself five more years of active business before I start living all my passion and fulfilling my dreams. As rightly said in the lyrics of the song from the coming Amir Khan movie “Bachpan to gaya jawani bhi gayi,Ek pal toh ab humein jeene do.Give me some sunshine,Give me some rain,Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again.”

November 16, 2009

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