How to transform long term

How to transform your body for life? Most of us start with a bang and when we check ourselves after a year maybe find ourselves same or may be worse.

What needs to be done to transform for ever. Do little things most of the time. Because little things done regularly becomes the big thing.

As they say it all begins with the mind. Condition your mind first. Ask Why you want to transform your body. Is it to look good. Feel and be healthy. Get rid of lifestyle diseases. To set an example for your children. Reply yourself honestly – Why you are into this. You wake up early morning everyday and pain your body. There has to be some solid reason behind it. I started eating right and lifting weights because I started looking better. My confidence grew tremendously. I appreciate the way it makes me feel. Next, Set specific goals. Its always better to say that I will loose 5 kgs by year end than I will loose weight by year end. Like High Intensity Interval training there has to be periods when your goal is the main focus of life. During that period completely focus on sprinting towards your goal and then relax for certain time before hitting it hard again. Keep reminding yourself WHY you are doing it. Focus on progress not perfection. You will miss workouts or eat junk occasionally. Don bother about that but focus on progress. I am better than last week is what is needed.

Be aware of what you are eating. Make a food log maybe. If you find out you are munching more junk than you should, you will certainly restrain yourself.  Eat mindful. Never eat in front of TV. Focus on natural food and do away with processed food as much as possible.  Be aware of your protein intake, water intake and veggie intake. Make sure you feed yourself properly with these three. Rest will automatically be taken care of.  Exercise makes it sustainable. Keep a log of your exercise routine. Lift more weights. Perform more reps. Shorten time between reps. Keep changing your workout routine and exercises as body adapts to a routine pretty fast and you get stuck in a plateau. Keep off couple of days a week or do slow routine like a casual walk. Your body needs to recover from the hard work you are putting it on.

Do deep breaths at  least three times a day for three minutes each. get yourself 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.Avoid caffeine after 4 PM.  Minimise negative talk. Laugh deeply at least once a day. Express gratitude at least once a day. Keep off your phone for some period in the day for your OWN time. And most importantly Celebrate everything. Give yourself credit for small things. You may not be getting the result that you desire but than you are in the ring fighting which is much better than lazying like most of the population. That itself means something.

So celebrate the little things. Your workout, your doing 20 burpees or lifting more weight than last time,your healthy meal. Watch these small things become big one day.

Lets get fitter together.

June 15, 2016

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