How to be your best

Take care of these 6 dimensions of your health – physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, and environmental. You will be at your best always. Make it simple, cut the crap. You will be happy too.

Physical – Move your body. Do exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Exercise is said to help you reduce possibilities of heart disease, mental illness and even cancer. Exercise does not mean gain to gym. It can be anything from walking to even working in our garden. Try to do at least 2-3 days outdoors in the green instead of doing indoors. Next is to work on your nutrition. Avoid junk processed or packed food. Avoid fad diets. Eat home cooked food.

Emotional – Everybody has their ups and downs. Don’t believe all you see on social media because its selective posting. Everyone gets sad. Don’t suppress it. Talk to someone – a friend or family. Sharing feelings is not weakness. Mental illness can happen to anyone for no reason. Get help.There is no shame in this. I have gone through 12 weeks of counselling some point of my life.

Social -Mortality risk because of loneliness is higher than obesity or even smoking, some studies say. Humans are social animals. Relationships matter. Make friends. Meet them. Socialise.

Cognitive – Find a passion for something. Explore what interests you. Before getting into wildlife Photography, I explored lot of things from cooking to painting to playing drums. And then realised wildlife is what’s giving me so much happiness. Follow what interests you.

Spiritual – Spiritual does not mean you have to be religious. This is about connecting with something beyond yourself. Some strong values. You can be spiritually connected seeing clouds go by or watching a beautiful sunset. Keep truth in your consciousness. You may or may not worship a God.

Environment – Try to have an environment around you that helps the five points mentioned above. Not spending too much time on social media. Curb the urge to respond to emails or messages. Not keeping junk food at home. Also watch environment around your home, your daily commute to work, your kids playground. Is it liveable. Are you close to nature. And are your activities causing damage to the environment like using plastic.

July 8, 2020

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