Hit a plateau in your weight loss journey. This is what to do. By Sandeep Mall

Weight loss is not a linear process. You will lose weight and then plateau as your body is constantly adapting to the new eating habits and activities. You didn’t become overweight overnight. It was a process of gradual increase over years, maybe. Weight loss and gain share the same path. Your hunger levels are changing. Your body is recalibrating your new activities.

1) Keep multiple measurements of progress. The weighing scale is one way of measurement. For e.g., on your exercise routine, how is your performance? Are you getting it done with more weights? Or less time? How are your vitals performing? How is your blood report? Inch loss? How are the clothes fitting? When your body composition changes you may be losing fat and gaining some muscle mass. So, you may see the weight remain same. Look at your progress with a bigger lens. Weight is one aspect. Keep the eye on the big picture.

2) Check your sleep. I have found that many people who get stuck in a weight loss plateau don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is key to keeping your body balanced. Audit your sleep. Get some more sleep. Poor sleep affects your digestive system. You can also retain more water.

3) Dinner to Dinner fasting. Try doing 24 hour water only fasts at times. A 24 hour fast is excellent for weight loss. Apart from other various health benefits of fasting you will definitely be in a calorie deficit that day and flushing your system with water. Fasting has tons of benefits outside of weight loss. Its good for longevity, brain health etc.

4) Pay attention to your salt intake and digestion. High sodium can cause water weight retention. Also check how your bowel movement has been? Eat more fibers. Get the GI track moving.

5)Move a bit more consistently. Make sure to do your 10000 steps.

6) Check how can you tweak your routine a bit. Are you eating few hundred calories more than regular? Some snack even though it is healthy. Revisit your routine and be honest to yourself.

Even if you are stuck, don’t lose patience. Stay consistent. The key to success is staying consistent. As I mentioned above weight loss is not a linear process but a zig zag prcess. Keep the big picture in mind. If you are doing the right things over weeks and months, your weight will reduce. This I can guarantee. You are not going to be stuck there forever. Your weight will reduce.

June 4, 2021

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