Highlights of 1st Good Vibes Space – “Everything About Diabetes – Prevention & Control”

Sandeep Mall in conversation with Dr. Rahul Baxi & Ms. Ujjwala Baxi.
Dr. Rahul Baxi is a consulting diabetlogist at Bombay Hospital and Ms. Ujjwala Baxi is a registered dietitian with focus on diabetes cure through diet.
Diabetes, one of the most prevalent and widespread lifestyle diseases across the world, is strengthening its grip world over. Dr. Rahul Baxi explained about Diabetes in simple terms, including different type of diabetes – Pre-diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 .
Diagnosis of Diabetes parameters is based on numbers. These parameters are based on American guidelines. Dr. Baxi alarmed us of Diabetes being a Silent Killer as it is undiagnosed in a large number of people, due to its asymptotic characteristics.
He reinstated, “If diabetes is not treated at the right time, then the consequences of the same can be life threatening, since diabetes primarily affects the cardio- vascular system in the body”.
The conversation further ventured into on how food/meals is also one of the major factor which causes diabetes. Fad diets, trending diets, irregular meals, junk foods also cause diabetes. Ms. Ujjwala Baxi said, “An ideal diet combined with exercise prevents onset of diabetes in any individual”.
Sustainable diets are the key to prevention and long term cure for diabetes. Ms. Baxi stressed on the the importance of balanced diet, which could be squeezed into the lifestyle. One of the key things that Ms. Baxi stressed upon is keeping a check on your weight and taking prompt action to reduce if you notice weight gain.
Taking balanced diets in all the nutrient components, small frequent meals, are effective in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and prevent diabetes. An individual should not follow any diets blindly.
Dr. Baxi also enlightened the listeners about various types of medical treatments available for diabetics. “During the last few years, many advancements have been made in the field of medicine, to treat patients better and bring them to a remission stage of diabetes”.
Discussing further, an important point was raised on how to introduce sugar to young kids and young adults. Ms. Baxi shared important insights and provided helpful alternatives to sugar, to introduce sugar in the diets of children/kids. Healthy eating habits and laying strong foundation are essential for better health of children.
Ms. Baxi also shared tips on how to consume popular meals like ‘aam ras’, sweet potatoes, etc.
Given the 21st century, stress is also considered to be one of the factors in inducing diabetes in an individual. Acute stress in an individual will have a sugar spike and an increase in diabetes. Dr. Baxi reminded us that stress affects our bodies in more ways than one.
The spaces session ended on a positive note, inviting questions from the audience. After sharing and imparting knowledge, one can rightly say, that diabetes can surely be managed well with a healthy, active lifestyle, which incorporates medicines, nutrient rich meals and an proactive approach to lead a better life, physically and mentally.
Complete audio file of the first Good Vibes Twitter Space by Sandeep Mall, which was attended by 1800 listeners, can be accessed here: https://bit.ly/3FSo9kL
You may connect with Dr. Rahul Baxi and Ms. Ujjwala Baxi on Twitter.

April 3, 2022

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