Happiness is….

What a Sunday it has been. Great day , good weather. A perfect begining to my Bucket list to be happy. The only thing I can be unhappy about is Minoo & Divyansh not here.
Hapiness is ….
….Playing a good game of tennis in the morning. Though we lost but the game was satisfying and enjoying.
….Arrival of Monsoon before schedule time. Its a record as per Met department in 109 years. What this means – more power at work and less energy cost
….Taking Mom to grocery store. It was fun taking Mom to buy some grocery and house hold things at SRS Value Bazaar. Dad was also there with us. Due to some “traffic congestion” the internet was not working there and couldnt pay with my card and all three of us pooled in cash to pay the things we shopped.Aisa bhi hota hai.
….Maharajji cooking a great Lunch with the best Dal Makhni I ever had.
….Taking grandmother to temple. All of us got in Innova and went to Birla Temple in mandir marg and Hanuman Temple in connaught Place. What a difference between the two temples with Birla Mandir so neat and clean and hanuman Temple so dirty.Weather was good and not much of traffic on the road or inside the temple. Had a very good time and it was a honor and pleasure spending time with Grand Mom
….Taking Dad to Pandara park for dinner. Dad has been saying for quiet some time to go to Pandara park for dinner and today we did it. we were there early as per Delhi standards so got seats despite not having reservation. Good Food.
….Not fighting with Sameep despite being with him for the whole day. He is less demanding these days it seems or may be he was all so nice because it was Fathers Day. Any was had a great Sunday and add to it slept ful 10 hours to be fresh to work.

June 16, 2008

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