Glimpses from Communions First Growth Retreat

It’s been a week since the first Retreat of Communion concluded and I am still struggling with words to describe what it was like, for me. The experience was way beyond what I had ever envisioned and wished for. In just 60 hours of being together, we went from #WeMetOnTwitter to ‘it feels like a family’. Together, we laughed, we cried, we questioned, we debated, we sang, we danced, we prayed, we indulged (in sinful food), we walked (15,000+ steps/day). We made memories. We shared experiences. life stories, struggles, opinions, learnings and ideas through 20 interactive sessions spanning over 900+ minutes and endless cups of chai. None of us had ever experienced anything like this ever – a communion that’s unique in so many ways.

Enjoy this short video montage to get a feel of what the Retreat was like. This short video (compiled by Sangeet Kothari) is made with candid video clips and images from various different phones and in low light conditions, hence please ignore the quality.

We are working on different ways to share our learnings from sessions at the Retreat. Stay tuned for more.

Due to some malfunctioning in Two level authentication, I am unable to log in to my twitter account for last three days. The first day I faced a lot of anxiety and was not focused much on any other activity but now have accepted that it is what it is and when ever my mail reaches the support team, they will solve it. But the new learning has been how much control the social media companies have on our life, mood and stress. Will do an issue of newsletter on this in coming weeks. At this time, if you have any contact at Twitter, please mail me back to help on this. Thanks

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October 9, 2022

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