Fitness Goals

Be in it for Long Term. Fitness should be part of your life for decades to come. Realize that fitness should be a lifetime commitment with ever-changing goals and expectations, and it should help you live a longer, healthier life.

Your exact nutrition plan will depend on your goal and health status, but have more fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates. Limit your junk food.

Monitor your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, sugar and Resting Heart rate.Always. These parameters are very important to monitor. Health and longevity are extremely important and should be everyone’s priority.

Your main fitness goal should be consistency. Showing up for workout is winning half the battle. Know your program based on your goal. Seek professional help. And then follow it to the tee. As you mature make efficient tweaks to your routine.

Work on your flexibility and mobility. With bad flexibility you will be prone to injuries. You will realise the importance of this as you age. Make sure all your body parts are being worked upon.

Sleep Well.A 7-8 hours sleep is necessary for a healthy life. Make a sleeping routine. Going to bed on time is the most important part of that routine. Stay off screen couple of hours before going to sleep.

Make your fitness goals measurable and time bound. And ensure they are attainable. Don’t have something like losing 15 kgs in 3 months. Even if you achieve that you will bounce back. Make smaller goals to accumulate to a larger goal. These bit size goals will help you make progress in timely manner.

Get out of your comfort zone. Once a while try something that you are afraid of. If you are not a runner, go running more. Accomplishing something that you’re not already successful at is the best way to challenge yourself.

Focus more on forming healthy habits than goals. It’s easy to get caught up in results and what others are doing, but it’s more beneficial to focus on what sort of habits bring about the results you want. If you have to look at others see their habits.

Making goals with the above criteria in mind will help you make progress in a timely manner.

May 20, 2020

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