Finland – a great place to see

For most of us in India Finland is famous for Nokia. I thought I will buy a Nokia phone here as it may be cheaper but its expensive then India. Any way, I am not sure why the name Finland but my wild throw on this may be because theres lot of fish these guys eat 🙂

Finland is in northern Europe with Sweden on its west and Russia on its east. It has some 6 million people and is a beautiful country. Finland landscape is covered with pine trees, hills and lakes. My host mentioned that there are more than 10000 lakes. Every family here must be having a summer home near the water. Most of the people as I understood leave in the southern part of the country with the capital Helsinki, Turku, Tampere all in the south. The most popular sport here is Ice Hockey and people follow F1 racing in a big way. Naturally the present world no 1 is from Finland. My travel took me to Turku,Tampere and Lahti. My days were in my meetings but got some time in the evening to see the places in this places and also on my drives between these cities. My first night was at Turku which is one of the oldest city in Finland. I had mentioned about my day at Turku in another blog so now I start about Tampere. Tampere is the third largest city of Finland and is surrounded by lakes, ponds and ridges. There are more then 200 lakes and ponds in Tampere. After my business meetings I strolled along the city , its parks, water bodies. Weather was superb and sunny. For dinner I went with Teppo andKirsi, my hosts to a revolving restaurant on a 110 meter high tower by the sea. What a view. The sun setting at 10 pm into the sea, Great five course meal and a wonderful company made the evening a memorable one. Any one visiting this city must go to this restaurant for a dinner. great food, great ambiance. I am attaching some pictures taken there. And if you want to get close to nature make FInland your next tourist destination.

April 30, 2008

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