Fasting Diabetes Away Is Entirely Possible

by Ritesh Bawri
Fasting when you have Type II Diabetes seems counter-intuitive. When you have diabetes, your sugar levels are high – both your morning fasting and your long-term average. At the same time, you run the risk of your sugar levels falling too much as you medicate yourself with insulin. Without realizing it, you could end up giving yourself too much insulin, which would cause a dramatic drop in sugar levels. You are now hypo-sugar, a dangerous condition. Your Doctor would ask you to eat something, probably sugar to raise your sugar levels. With such risks lurking, how on earth can you fast?
In a study done in Toronto, three patients checked into a hospital to undergo fasting for thirty days to help with their diabetes. The patients were given a calorie-restricted diet. Each followed their own version of fasting, choosing alternative days or limited meals, depending on preferences. All of them were taught how to monitor their sugar levels and also adjust insulin dosage to compensate for the lack of food. At the end of the thirty-day period, their sugar levels were tested. All three patients showed a reduction in their long-term sugar (HbA1c) levels and were able to reduce or eliminate their need for insulin. What just happened?
Across studies, research has shown that fasting is a protocol that helps people reduce their sugar levels and insulin dependence. A restriction of calories helps the body reduce weight, primarily body fat. Body fat is nothing but stored sugar. As the stored sugar levels fall, your body is now able to better process the sugar in your blood, reducing your overall blood sugar levels. Your sugar just went down.
If you fear that your sugar levels will fall, you can quickly eat sugar to compensate as long as you stay within your restricted-calorie diet. In fact, most people reported not needing the sugar after a few days of fasting. Fasting Diabetes Away is entirely possible
NB: Type II Diabetes is a severe ailment. If you chose to fast in such a state, make sure that you have access to medical supervision. 
Ritesh Bawri is a global influencer on health and wellness. He has a certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School, Nutrition from Stanford Medical School and Tufts University. He has a weekly video and daily blog with ~ 8 million views per annum from 155 countries. Seven years ago, he successfully reversed his own Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Bronchial Asthma, Hyperacidity and Sleep disorders. Since then, he has helped thousands of people from all walks of life do the same.
You can find him on Twitter @rbawri.

January 30, 2022

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