Face Pulls

Most of the gym goers experience some sort of shoulder pain. One of the main reasons is unbalanced training. Thats mainly because of neglecting muscles of the external rotator of the shoulder. Facepull is my favourite exercise for the same. I make sure its part of my upper body or pull workouts. I would advise to do it in 1/2 kneel position as when we do it standing we will usually arch our back. We want to maintain a neutral spine while doing it. Tie up the band at your chin height. Engage your abs. Squeeze the glutei. When we pull back elbow should be in line with the wrist. That indicates we are doing it for external rotators. We are not doing it for mid back. And also make sure shoulder blades are depressed down. Or else you will injure yourself more than doing good.Pause at the end.15 reps and three sets. Do it as first exercise of your upper body day.

August 14, 2020

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