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Spiderman with thoracic rotation
Spiderman with thoracic rotation
The world’s greatest stretch – also known as ‘Spiderman with thoracic rotation’ – targets everything from your ankles and hamstrings to your hips, spine, shoulders and glutes. 
Combining thoracic rotation with hip mobility, not to mention the fact that this exercise requires you to move through the plank position, the world’s greatest stretch is essential if you sit down a lot.
Since it’s a dynamic stretch with static elements, it can be used as a part of your dynamic warm-up or at the end of a session.
It doesn’t need to be exclusive to your warm-up, it can be incredibly beneficial to anyone who has been sitting at their desk all day, to loosen the hips and regain some mobility. 
Give the World’s Greatest Stretch a try. When you do it properly, you’ll strengthen and stretch all the areas you want limber and strong.
Nishant Mandal is a certified Personal trainer/Online fitness coach based out of Delhi NCR. He is ACE-CPT, Crossfit L-1, PN-L1 certified and Calisthenics enthusiast, Deadlift Junkie, Movement & Mobility expert.
Getting people to move and better themselves since 2010 through individualised and challenging routines but not much than what one can’t handle. You can connect with him at
Twitter @NishantPTrainer

December 26, 2021

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