Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die

Recession forced me to cut costs and I had to relinquish luxury of driver. I always enjoy driving and also hate to have a driver who most of the time is all ears to what u r talking but had to hire one as I was not allowed to drive after my surgery for more than six months. Its been a real test of patience on the roads. The civic sense of the proud citizens of this country is horrible. People driving those million Rupee + cars regularly throw Banana peel out of their fast moving cars. Spitting on the road is birth right of all the tobacco chewing population. Driving in lane is a no no. People prefer to bribe and tip then wearing their seat belt. Sights of garbage all across the city and “sara jahan hamara” toilets is common.Cellphones ringing loudly in public transport and honking is the best music that the denizens can play. I have never been able to maintain the safe distance with the car ahead as some one will overtake from the left and get between the two cars. And unfortunately there seems to be no solution to all this in sight. We are proud citizens who get into the street, destroy public property etc etc on the question of morality, religion, caste. Seven thousand crores of public property was burnt in Punjab in a day in retaliation to a shoot out in a Gurudwara in Vienna. Why destroy the public property? Because only 3 % of the population pay for it with their taxes. And the rest think its their “Baap ka maal”.

62 years ago when India became independent, the life expectancy of an Indian was well under 30. The retirement age of officers was 55. Reaching the age of 60 was a celebration in the family and those who could afford weighed in food grains and the same was distributed to the needy. Now at 60+ our large majority is below 40. With the younger population it is expected that we better our record but it looks like we are digressing. Morality is of no relevance in this fast paced life. Civic sense does not exist. The curse of memory is surely the burden of old age as the new generation can afford to be amnesiac. The young can take every thing for granted. This country no longer remembers the calendars of Bhagat Singh, Netaji or Vivekanand. Gandhiji is now referred as another name of maajboori not realising that his name was synonym with majbooti And every one talks of making India – “sone ki chidiya” again. We want this country to be world leader, a powerful nation, an economic superpower, a heaven. But unfortunately no one wants to die for it. No one wants to contribute his slightest civic sense to make it one.

November 17, 2009

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