Emotional First Aid Kit

1) Avoid reading newspaper, watching news channels or even TV shows that are very emotionally stimulating, as the first thing in the morning. Instead, spend at least 20 minutes to read or listen to pure and empowering messages.

2) Choose one positive point from what you read in the morning and create an affirmation. Customize the thoughts to suit our personal, current life situations. Let us remember that affirmations should aim at what we already have or what we want in reality.

3) Delete negative messages on WhatsApp even without reading, ignore such messages on Facebook or Twitter. Dont read critical opinions about anyone, a joke showing someone in poor light, a message that shows bias for a person, religion, place, political views etc.

4) Avoid watching news, daily soaps or reading the newspaper at bedtime. Instead, set aside 10 minutes before going to sleep to absorb positive information. This ends our day well, calms the mind so we enjoy a good sleep.

5) Carry positive messages, talks, books in ur phone. Any moment feel disturbed or low, immediately read or listen. Even a 5-minute intake of elevated information stops the series of negative thoughts. We are what we read, watch and listen.

May 9, 2020

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