Disadvantage of a Fixed Mindset

Children start showing signs of either a fixed mindset or growth mindset from an early age. Do they worry about getting the best scores, look for constant validation of their ideas, refuse to put in more effort or are scared to try difficult problems with the fear that they might fail? That’s a fixed mindset.  This mindset refrains them from developing new skills, exploring new solutions, devising new strategies and most importantly, dreaming bigger. 

They will be quick to label their struggle with a particular subject as “I am simply not good at it. I can’t get better even if I try”. Instead of putting in their best effort to cope up with challenge and difficulty, they will simply give in to self-doubt. 

At the workplace, fixed mindset shows up when we avoid constructive conflicts, stick to existing solutions even when there’s a need to try new ideas, do not speak up for the fear of sounding stupid, refuse to take up a new challenge with uncharted territory, blame others for not meeting our goals or feel jealous of others’ success and growth.

It can make us lead from fear, show reluctance in making hard decisions, avoid responsibility and cripple innovation and collaboration. Without learning the skills, essential for growth and development, we can only dream of success without ever realising it.  

As evident, a growth mindset gives us hope to learn and create a better future for ourselves. So, how can we enable this shift?

November 27, 2022

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