Creativity & Loneliness

Well last 10 odd days I am following a different routine. I work within my office time. Real 6-8 hrs of work. I don’t use my cell phone at work. Its switched off. I don’t lie to my customers on delayed deliveries but tell them the truth if there is going to be a delay. I car pool to work with Dad ( Gas is expensive). This evening all of us walked to the nearby park Bai, papa, Mummy, Bhua,Fufaji, Sameep, Srikant and Tobu for Icecream. I never used to like Ice cream earlier but these days I have started liking them – may be it was because the whole family was there though Minoo & Divyansh were missed. It would have been great if they were here. They come back on 24th.
I have had variety of hobbies in the last 15 years. I have been jack of all but master of none. I have tried my hand at playing music, cooking, painting, photography, reading etc and now blogging. When I try to analyse all of them the common factor I find is I did all this when Minoo was off to Bangalore and when I was alone. Minoo takes her usual 2-3 weeks trip to her parents every year w/o fail. It gets very lonely in her absence and add to it the kids also accompany them. Though this year Sameep is here. During these “forced bachelorhood” I have noticed I am more creative. I have done all my hobbies when I have been alone. This Blog thing also started when I was alone in Europe & then in US and now here. Is it only me or a general trend that people tend to deliver there creativity more when they are lonely or bored?
When I experience loneliness and boredom, I come closer to the space from which creativity and contentment emerge. It is out of the disorientation of isolation that new ideas and peace of mind are born. If you think of boredom as the prelude to creativity, and loneliness as the prelude to engagement of the imagination, then they are good things. I believe Loneliness & creativity go together. This is not to say that one must be lonely to be creative, but they must afford themselves solitude in which to create.Creative people have a particular detachment from the general world around them; they are not necessarily loners, but they definitely are not conformists.This detachment allows them to view things uniquely, from a perspective that cannot be learned or expounded upon.Without the required solitude, a creative person is stifled.Unable to create. Some of you guys might no agree to me but for me being alone is the catalyst for creativity. Though I have not been able to carry my other hobbies long I feel strongly that I will continue to keep on writing this blog as I am a marketing guy and marketing guys are always good in preaching. And given a choice between my bachelor life and life when Minoo is back I will prefer to be happy and comfortable with Minoo around then being happy and creative, though I will miss my writing.

June 22, 2012

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