Corruption on Indian Roads

All of us at some point of time have come across sights on our highways of a truck driver paying a bribe to a traffic cop. We just ignore and move on. As per Police departments own estimate Rs 27000 per month is paid by each truck in Haryana alone. In 12 months that becomes 3.25 lac INR and if we multiply this by more than 6 million plus trucks on the road that becomes around 2000 billion INR of bribe money every year. God knows who gets them and shares them. Truckers pay bribes at every stage of their operations, which starts with getting registration and fitness certificates, and for issuance and renewal of inter- state and national permits. The reason for paying bribe, while on road, include plying overloaded trucks, traffic violations, parking at no-parking places or entering no- entry zone, and in the payment of toll and other taxes like octroi, sales tax etc. Lack of proper documents or alcohol abuse by truck drivers are the other reasons for paying bribe. More than 1.5 Crore Indians are directly involved in this business. A 9 ton truck carries upto 22T of material and 15T one upto 35. The longest trailer allowed in India is 18 meters but commonly used and registerd ones in India are 22 meters. All the car companies use these illegal trailers to transport there vehichles. To break all possible rules we pay bribe. 45% inefficiency during transportation of goods is because of forced stoppages to pay these bribes. These numbers are much bigger than the 2G , commonwealth etc etc and no one is bothered. More than 1.5 lac people die on Indian roads because of these overloaded trucks. We only start shouting when one of ours is in the 1.5 lacs. We feel proud to allow our underage children to drive around. I found one of my relatives so funny as he took out his seat belt the moment crossed the city limit into the highway and his reaction was that the rule is within city limits. We want a great India but dont want to take responsibility. Lets maintain all traffic rules ourselves. Not jum the redlight, no drunk driving, no underage unlicensed driving. Lets send our children to driving school to get their driving lesson and licenses. Its road safety week. Share this with your friends. At least we will be able to shake a few guys inner consciousness. Drive safe. Someones waiting for you.

January 5, 2012

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