Composing a landscape

Lot of times we come across some landscapes pictures by great masters which makes us say WOW.  Take a moment to study those wonderful stunning images. You will find few things common

1)  Rule of third –  Place the subject you want to highlight on the intersecting lines at 2/3rd of your screen on the view finder

2) Balance the elements – If you have something on your far right try to cover something on your far left

3) View point – Most of us shoot from 5 ft plus height.  Try to change the view point . Maybe get on a staircase to have a top down view or vice versa. Give your viewers an angle that they usually dont see

4) Leading line –  Leading lines somewhere in the photograph to bring viewers into , through and out of the photograph. Like a road  or stream.

5) Think of depth – think of having a foreground, middle ground and back ground. All three elements are there and you need all three to make it a compelling shot.


These rules will help you tell your story, lead the eye.  Ofcourse rules are to be broken. Be creative. Photograph what and how you love.  Enjoy shooting


September 11, 2012

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