Charity begins at home

Minoo & Divyansh are back from there summer holidays. Its the last week of the summer holidays for the kids before they get busy into there new classes, new books. Sameep goes into Class XI and Divyansh to Class VII. Minoo will get busy with there activities from the next week.

As I had mentioned earlier I am trying to change my routine and lifestyle for the last two weeks. One of the things I am trying to do is reduce my cellphone usage at work and home. Its become such a nonsense in India that people always call on cellphones and I believe we might be among the worst in cellphone etiquette. As I used to receive so many calls on my cellphone and it was becoming such a pain during your work that I decided to keep my phone off when at work and switched my voice mail on and requested my callers to call my landline. Two days back I found Sameep doing the same thing. He had switched off his cell at home and got his voice mail activated. This made me to think and understand that Sameep was trying to follow what I am doing. This reminded me of an incidence some 7-8 years back when I had sold my Opel Corsa car at almost 50% price of what I had bought. One day Sameep came to me with an idea to sell his cycle at almost 50% cost to what we had bought for him. I told him this is just few months back we bought this and how come he is thinking of selling this at such a discounted prices. He came up with the answer that ” You also sold your car at 50% price” It was a shock to me that how the kids follow you and your activities.

To take positive results of this I see my Dad bringing in lot of activities in home like Table Tennis or Piano – which the kids play now that we have it at home. I see Sameep talking of writing a blog soon and I think I am inspiring some people in the family like my cousins to start writing a Blog.

But there is a flip side to this also. The same activity might be relevent to my age which if the Kids try to copy at there young age is not good. To avoid them not doing those things we at times have to sacrifice lot of things which we would like to do. But miss out because of fear of kids starting to do those things. Parents have to always be a role model. But is it always fair on the parents? I dont know.I have started believing that as its said Life begins at 40. Now with the Kids growing up and having a better understanding of things , I think we can live the way we want to.

Srikant my first cousin is here these days. Apart from his summer training at factory he has joined driving school. He is also teaching Minoo to use computers and thats good for her. I got my first email from her yesterday and its great.

June 27, 2008

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