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The Indian fox forms pair bonds that may last a lifetime, but extra-pair copulations are known to occur. Throughout most of its range, the mating season starts in autumn (usually October-November) and after a gestation period approximately 50–60 days, two to four pups are born in a den. Both parents…

The Indian Fox couple

August 25, 2012

Red Munia or Red Avadavat

August 24, 2012

The Hyena Teenager

August 17, 2012

Celebrating Gangaur

March 18, 2012

The cautious Zebras

September 8, 2011

The couple

December 11, 2010

Eurasian Golden Oriole

September 23, 2010


July 21, 2010

Golden Himalayas

May 11, 2010

The first encounter

April 6, 2010

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