Can Humans be Happy

Happiness is unbelievable. It is a fiction. Human can not be happy. The best we do is we make things a bit comfortable thereby reducing unhappiness a little. If humans were happy there would never be so many Gods, so many religions. There will be no need for meditation.  A happy person needs no religion, no temple.

Quoting a small incident. In a class a teacher kept asking small children to be attentive. One Child was attentive but to something else. Not to what she was teaching.  He was attentive to the bird singing outside. No one can say that the child was not attentive. He was in deep concentration. In fact he was so much attentive that  he forgot his teacher and the maths she was teaching. But the teacher kept saying ” Be attentive! What are you doing? Why are you distracted?” The teacher was disturbing the child in fact.  He was happy listening to the bird. The teacher was lying when she said you are not attentive. He found the bird more attractive to what the teacher was teaching. Maths.  Everyone in this world has not come to be a mathematician. Humans have started doing things for un natural reasons – money, prestige, power, respect, social standing etc etc. Listening to the bird is not going  to give that child any of these. Listening to the bird is not profitable but these things make you happy.

A Happy human keeps the courage to do things he enjoys. If he remains poor, he remains poor. He has no complaint about it.  He is rich because he is happy.

We have gone all wrong in our choices. When ever we see money, power, prestige we are no longer our true self. We forget our joys and delights. We loose whats within to gain the without.


October 2, 2014

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