Brain Drain or drain in the brain

The Union budget was presented today in the parliament. I am not an economist nor I understand all these huge numbers. I hope the guys concerned do understand 🙂 . But what interested me was government spending over 2000 Crores on IIT’s and NIT’s. This is a wonderful news for our higher education system. Our gen next will have more opportunities to get good education. Good for them and hopefully good for the country.

What disturbs me as a tax payer whose money is being used to provide this infrastructure is what is the commitment of the beneficiaries to use this very subsidised world class education they receive here for India’s benefit. A huge percentage of them usually end up taking a job outside the country and blame the system here from long distance. They would never be part of the system and work towards improving them. Its obvious if something goes which hurts their benefits they will be out on the street and shout slogans like when there was this reservation issue. I am absolutely not in favor of reservation and count the events of reservation started by Mr. V. P. Singh responsible for all the social mess we are in. But then these guys should do some should searching and seek giving back to this country. Their should be some accountability and commitment to return their gratitude for this wonderful and cheap education they get. As I understand Doctors have to compulsorily spend some months in rural country as part of their curriculum, engineers should also be made to work within this country preferably in public enterprise for say two years or so in exchange for the near free world class education they get from institutes like IIT’s or IIM’s etc. Or else the 3% odd direct tax paying population of this country would feel burdened and weak carrying load of all – a rich farmer, a corrupt bureaucrat, a dishonest businessman and an inefficient system.

July 6, 2009

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