While staying with Mujaheed Bhai at Rann Riders,Dassada during last months photo tour of Gujarat had a wonderful experience. There was a picnic trip of some local school which had come at the resort. As we set out for our afternoon safari one of the girls Fatima got curious of all the heavy equipment we were carrying and enquired what we plan to do. I told her we were planning to locate and shoot McQueen s Bustard. She gave us a typical look like we were some fools spending all the money and wasting time and energy and said why don’t u google and u will get the wonderful shot of the bird captured by Dhritiman. It sounded so similar to projects I see Divyansh doing for his school. It takes him less than 10 min on projects (courtesy Google) that we completed in the whole summer vacation. I differentiate the generations now as BG and AG, Before Google and After Google. In history we will not have dates in BC and AD but BG and AG. Long live Google.

February 6, 2011

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