Anger Management – What to do and what not to do

  1. Don’t Try To Change What You Can’t Change – Very often we try and change scenes in our life, which are beyond our control. When we cannot change a scene, we feel frustrated and feel things are out of our control. At that point of time, remind yourself that everything cannot go our way and as per our desires in life always. 
  2. Be a source of Peace & Love – Hating someone and speaking against someone behind their backs or in front of them is all a reflection of lack of uncivic us, but we forget that. Start your day with the following affirmation: I will be positive. Repeat this affirmation to yourself many times in a day and slowly the personality of creating angry and violent responses will be changed to sweeter and more humble responses to people and situations. 
  3. Forgive And Forget – Have you ever spent a complete day thinking about another person’s negative actions and giving them different forms in your mind, all of which are not only negative but hurt you internally. This type of carried anger can spill out in different situations involving you and other people and not necessarily the person who is the cause of the anger. Only when you forgive, can you forget. 
  4. Let Go Of The I Am Right attitude– One of the most significant causes of anger filled relationships is the ego that I am right and the other person is wrong. The more the ego, the more the anger. To not to be over-critical, a very simple practice is to see atleast one specialty in each and every person we meet everyday. This type of positive vision makes us free from anger 
  5. Remain Stress Free To Become Anger Free –Stress is primarily caused by too many whys, whats, whens and hows, which are questions in our minds. The more the mind is full of questions and unsolved problems, the more the mind will react in the form of toxic words and actions. Problems will always exist but our attachment to them and impatience in waiting for them to get solved at the right time and in the right manner leads to anger. 

July 11, 2019

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