Always talk about the Solution

We all get into phases in life where situation is challenging or it becomes hard to manage people. We get upset, we worry, we fear, we blame and we complain. All these deplete our energy, and our problem appears even bigger when we need to save our energy and focus it on creating solutions. We keep talking about your problems more than solutions, and dwell on negative feelings? We start ruminating, thinking and discussing – Who was responsible, why did it happen, how could things go so wrong with me? Is it not better to remind yourself and others involved, to simply focus on what is to be done now? However bad our situation is, its solution is the only thing that really matters. Loading the mind with overwhelming questions drains our energy and wastes the crucial time.. We need to silence the mind, not allow it to go on with thoughts of blame, feeling like a victim, criticizing the situation. This approach magnifies the problem. Details of the problem can be thought of later, immediate need is to shift to solutions. Let’s accept the problem. It has already happened so we need to focus on the present moment. Let’s divert our every thought to seek a solution, create a solution and implement it.

From today, when you are in the middle of a difficult situation or with a difficult person, tell yourself your life is perfect and every scene is beautiful. Direct your energy towards solutions whenever there is an issue, big or small. Accept the situation, the person. Do not waste your energy in questioning scenes or behaviors. Focus on yourself, your actions, your behavior. Focus on your objectives. Your power is in the present. So remain calm. Focus on the solution, and create a solution. Finally implement the solution and cross the situation. Working on the solution is the key to positivity, happiness and stability.

May 9, 2020

3 Replies to “Always talk about the Solution”

  1. Good insight very helpful specially these days when everybody struggling somewhere , whatever we focus on will magnifies whether it is problem or solutions.
    You have healthy body leads or producing healthier thought.
    Thanks, keep sharing such a good blog

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