Allow Simplicity to Take Overcome

Do you believe that somewhere down the line, we have complicated every aspect of our life? Do you wish to go back to simpler times when you led a modest life and found happiness in ordinary moments? Today we say relationships are complicated, jobs are hard, parenting is a challenge, health is deteriorating… The truth is that world is not complicated, our minds are getting complicated due to over thinking, holding on to the past, trying to control what we cannot, reacting impulsively and living in an auto-pilot mode. So, our mind, intellect and body are constantly under stress. It’s time for us to simplify our mind, our life and our world. Today, try to release everything that is holding you back from keeping things simple. Allow simplicity to take over. You will realize the immense freedom and joy it brings, to you and to people, who live or work with you. 
Whether it is diet, dressing or living habits,  decide what is right for you. Choose simplicity and authenticity.

December 26, 2021

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