The long and challenging phase of the pandemic has surely taught us how being fit creates resilience to ward off the inner and the outer battles of life in all parameters. We are constantly seeking motivation and inspiration to create a better life. This had led Fit India Ambassador and Deep Health influencer, Sandeep Mall, to start a 100 Day Health Challenge in April last year, which had become a mass fitness drive, with 580 individuals virtually connected to get fitter together.

Read all about the first 100 Day Health Challenge here.


Beginning of the New Year is when many of us make resolutions and set new personal goals, fitness topping the list for most – so January seemed like the perfect time to begin 100 Day Health Challenge 2.0!

Participating in a health challenge is a powerful way to build the practice of taking care of your physical well-being and if you find staying motivated to be a challenge, being part of a virtual community has been a game-changer for many during the last challenge. Joining a mass fitness drive, like 100 Day Health Challenge, not only impacts your life but also influences your friends, family and virtual networks.

The core mantra of the Challenge 2.0, championed by Sandeep Mall and Supported by Paytm, is being consistent in building a better version of yourself. To move forward and excel in every aspect of life, you don’t need validation from others but to #AdmireYourself first.

The CHALLENGE 2.0 is unique in its format where varied activities can be done and not limited to just a few. Participants can continue following their own routine or change the activities depending on mood and interest to avoid monotony from setting in.

One can walk, run, cycle, swim, do strength training, yoga, zumba, aerobics or even play a sport like tennis, badminton etc. The idea is to be physically active and to get into a routine to get into your best shape and #AdmireYourself, for the results that will be achieved with consistency in efforts. Participants can do activities multiple times a day. If one works out more than 2 hours, the app is configured to report the best performing two hours of the activities to the Challenge dashboard, to be fair to your efforts.

We are excited about 1000 participants from across the country and overseas, coming together to make 2022 a year of intentions, goals, discipline and achieving an optimum level of physical health.



Registration is now closed for the Challenge which starts from January 22 and ends on May 1, 2022, followed by a virtual award ceremony.


Point Tabulation System

The top 3 winners of the Challenge will be decided, based on accumulation of highest points, in 2 categories:

  • Below 40 Years

  • 40 years and above

There will be special trophies for the top 3 three Women participants.

All registered participants will need to submit data of their exercise activities to the dashboard on our website, supported by screenshot from the app they are using to capture the activity details.

Read the following point system to understand how the point calculation and accumulation will work.

Here is a quick glance at the points to be awarded for various daily exercise activities (based on a minimum duration of 30 minutes.)

  • Run 2 km = 1 point

  • Walk 3 km = 1 point

Over 9 mins taken per km will be considered as Walk activity only, even if you enter it as a RUN activity.

  • Outdoor Cycling /Ride 3 km = 1 point

  • Weight / Strength Training 60 min = 7 points

  • Swimming – 250 mtr = 1 point

  • Yoga 60 mins = 3 points

  • Indoor Cycling 60 min = 5 points

  • Sports & Workout (Tennis/TT/Badminton/Soccer/Zumba/Aerobics etc) 60 mins = 3 points

  • STEPS (Data to be uploaded once a month after 30-day cycle)
    • 1,20,000 – 2,09,970 Steps in 30 days(Daily Average of 4000 – 6999 Steps) = 60 points

    • 2,09,971 – 2,99,999 Steps in 30 days (Daily Average of 7000 – 9999 Steps) = 120 points

    • 3,00,000 Steps in 30 days (Daily Average of 10000 Steps) = 180 points

(For example, step data for January 22 to February 20 should be uploaded by Wednesday, February 23, for data to be tabulated in the following week’s leadership board.)

Heart Rate must be visible in the screenshots.

For any query/clarification/discrepancy about the point system, please write to us at healthchallenge@sandeepmall.com.



In addition to the regular point-bearing activity tracking to keep the participants inspired, this time the Challenge brings a great opportunity to Giveback to a cause, while receiving coaching from the experts.

The Health Challenge 2.0 has partnered with the wonderful initiative of www.earthfocus.in – Kanha Project. As a participant in the Challenge, for a contribution of only Rs. 6, 999 , you have the option to receive one of the following two:

  • 100 days of Fitness and Strength Training Coaching with renowned fitness coach Mr. Chirag Barjatyaa & Project Fitness Company.

  • 100 days of Marathon/Running training and mentoring with Dr. Rajat Chauhan and team at La Ultra.

The amount (Rs. 6999) paid by each participant to either of the coaches, will be matched by a donor and contributed to Earth Focus’ Kanha Project.

To read about what both the coaching programs have to offer and how to sign up, click here

To know all about Earth Focus – Kanha Project, click here.


  1. Trophies for Top 3 in all categories – Under 40, 40 and above and Women.

  2. Medals for Top 50 in under 40 and 40 and above, along with a Tea Hamper by Teabox.

  3. Winner in Under 40 category – Holiday at Cidade De Goa (B & B) for two nights.

  4. Winner in 40 and above category – Apple watch 7 SE or Equivalent gift card.

  5. Winner in Women’s category – Airpod pro or Equivalent gift card by Project Fitness Co.

  6. 1st Runners up in under 40 and 40 and above categories – 2 nights stay at Kanha and one jungle safari for a couple by Earth Focus and an opportunity to experience Earth Focus’ activities during the stay.

  7. Top 3 in all three categories – Backpack from Stuff Cool, Sports Glasses from Enrico, Gift Vouchers from Suspire and Aboli Decor.

  8. TShirts and Jackets by iLogo for the winners

  9. Certificate to all 1000 participants with comprehensive personalized financial planning.

And many more…