The #GettingFitterwithSandeep Challenges in January and February were more monotonous, doing the same activity, every day. So I announced a multi-activity, 100 Day Health Challenge, starting from April 1, with a mission to have 100 participants join in on this journey.

To my surprise, 580 people signed up! A mass fitness drive risen out of Twitter interactions, amazingly supported by many fitness and health experts, entrepreneurs and individuals from varied walks of life. Almost all of them, I have never met personally.

The 100 Day Challenge is an attempt to break that monotony and makes the fitness regime a lot more fun and rewarding. I believe this 100 Day Health Challenge is the ONLY ONE of its kind.

The CHALLENGE is unique in its format where varied activities can be done and not limited to just a few. Continue following your routine or change your activities depending on mood and interest to avoid monotony from setting in.

You can walk, run, cycle, swim, do strength training, yoga, zumba, aerobics or even play a sport like tennis, badminton etc. The idea is to be physically active and to get into a routine to end 2021 in the best shape. You may do activities as many times in a day or take rest on some days – it’s totally up to you.

Methodology :

  • 1. You will get points for your activities.
    • a. Walking 2 Km = 1 pt
    • b. Running 1 Km = 1 pt
    • c. Cycling 3 Km = 1 pt
    • d. Swimming 250 meters=1 pt
    • e. Yoga 45 mins = 3 pts
    • f. Strength Training , Aerobics/ Zumba 45 mins= 4 pts
    • g. Tennis, TT, Badminton, Soccer 45 mins = 5 Pts
  • 2. Pace of 9 min/km or more will be considered walk
  • 3. All distances will be counted in Kms
  • 4. Maximum 35 Kms/ hr is allowed in cycling activities
  • 5. Cadence is necessary for running
  • 6. Hear Rate data is necessary for Swimming, Yoga, Strength Training , Zumba, Aerobics and Sports
  • 7. The rankings will be based on points earned.

After you finish an activity, take a screen shot. Log in to your account and upload the data with your screen shot. Once approved by the admin, the data will be added to your point system.

Weekly leadership board will be announced every Sunday.
Post your activities on social media using #100Days and #GettingfitterwithSandeep
There are exciting prizes for top 15 winners. A big thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers and everyone who has come forward to make an idea change many lives.